Best Pontoon Boat Trailer Tires (Reviews 2023)

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Pontoon boat enthusiasts often invest considerable effort in caring for their vessels but frequently overlook a critical component of their boating experience—the pontoon boat trailer tires. These specialized tires play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of your pontoon boat transportation, from loading up the trailer with your boat to keeping your boat trailer loaded with the best pontoon trailer tires.

As pontoon boats are renowned for their substantial weight, which sometimes necessitates the use of manual or electric winches during the process of loading your boat onto the trailer, it becomes evident that generic tires simply won’t suffice for your pontoon boat trailer. In this in-depth review of the best pontoon trailer tires for 2023, we aim to bridge this knowledge gap.

We’ll explore the top-rated tires, shedding light on their unique features, durability, and performance attributes, ensuring your boat trailer remains securely loaded with the best pontoon trailer tires for a smooth and safe towing experience. By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with the insights necessary to select the best pontoon trailer tires currently available on the market today.​

Top 5 Model Comparison Table

​Image ​Tires ​Weight Rating ​Rim Size ​Price
Triton 20.5 x 8-10

​1. Triton 20.5 x 8-10

Top Pick


​Triton 5-hole





​205/65-10 Bias

3. ​205/65-10 Bias



205/65 Bias 20.5x8

4. 205/65 Bias 20.5×8​



Airhead Slash II​

5. Airhead Slash II​



Best Pontoon Boat Trailer Tires Reviewed

#1. Triton 20.5 x 8-10 (205/65-10) 07735 Class E

Triton 20.5 x 8-10 (205/65-10) 07735 Class E

Made by a maker you can trust, these pontoon trailer tires are designed specifically for the Triton 5-hole wheel pattern rim these excellent pontoon trailer tires will work well for your boat trailer at highway speed.

However, it is important to note that these tires are rated only for the complete weight of 1,650 pounds meaning that these are designed with the smaller pontoon boat trailer in mind.

These tires come with the rims already attached, so make sure that they will fit your pontoon trailer.

These tires are typically sold in pairs because smaller pontoons are typically hauled on a single-axel trailer.

These durable pontoon trailer tires will provide thousands of miles of enjoyment and travel for your pontoon trailer.


  • Comes with rims
  • ​Good looking rims
  • Durable for smaller pontoon trailers


  • Best on single-axel trailers

#2. ​2 New WANDA Brand Trailer Tires

WANDA Brand Trailer Tires

These tires, made by WANDA, are great for towing your pontoon trailer.

However, these tires don’t come with rims, so you will need to make sure that these tires will fit the rims on your pontoon trailer. These tires work on all ten-inch rims.

These are one of a few pontoon trailer tires that actually come with a one-year limited warranty.

The maximum load is 1,535 lbs at 90 PSI per tire, so you will be able to tow some larger pontoons–but not the largest pontoons.

Each tire weighs 20 lbs, so be prepared for some hefty shipping costs in some cases.

These are rated V for speed, meaning you can go at a normal rate of speed while towing your pontoon trailer with these tires.

The ply rating for these tires is 10, with a load range of E (up to 1,650 lbs per tire, although 1,535 is recommended at 90 psi).


  • ​1,650 lbs per tire max
  • Works for mid-sized pontoons


  • ​Does not come with rims

#3. ​Set of 4 205/65-10 20.5×8.00-10 LRC 6PR

205/65-10 20.5x8.00-10 LRC 6PR

Fitting six-inch rims these six-ply tires designed by MaxAuto come in a set of four.

These pontoon trailer tires will hold 1,100 pounds at 50 psi, but only fit a 6″ rim, so they work for smaller and medium-sized pontoon trailers.

These are comp table with many brands including Big Tex, Carry-On, FastTrac, E- Hauler, Lark United, and nearly half a dozen more popular brands. No matter what pontoon trailer you have, this tire will likely fit it.

With a 9 millimeter tread depth, these tires will last your pontoon trailer for a long time, and many, many traveling miles back and forth to the lake, river, or seashore.


  • ​9 mm tread depth
  • Compatible with many trailer brands


  • ​6” rim is the max they fit

#4. ​Set of 2 205/65-10 20.5×8.00-10 LRC 6PR

2 205/65-10 20.5x8.00-10 LRC 6PR

With a 9 mm tread depth, fitting a nine-inch rim. These tires by MaxAuto are designed with materials of exceptional quality. In fact, some would say these use some of the very best materials in the pontoon trailer tire industry.

This tire is compatible with many popular trailers including Alumacraft, Mako, Lund, River Pro, Sea Ray, and Yamaha. They will also fit Triton rims.

The tread depth will ensure these are long-lasting, hard-wearing tires. They are rated for 1,105 lbs, so you will want to make sure they will accommodate your pontoon trailer.


  • ​9 mm tread depth
  • Fits up to 9” rims


  • ​Max rating is 1,105 lbs

#5. ​ST145/R12 Loadstar Trailer Tire LRE on 5 Bolt Silver

ST145/R12 Loadstar Trailer Tire LRE on 5 Bolt Silver

These pontoon trailer tires have a 10 ply rating, and come with their own rims.

Made by Load Star, a manufacturer of quality tires including pontoon trailer tires, these tires are not among the most economically priced per tire on the list, but they will fit up to a 12-inch rim.

Because these tires come pre-affixed to a rim, you will want to make sure these are the pontoon trailer tires that will actually fit the axels on your pontoon trailer.

These tires are part of RecStuff’s quality line of tires designed specifically for trailers, including pontoon trailers. The rims are made of steel that is electrophoretically coated for long-term durability and are approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation. They provide a very smooth ride at highway speeds.

These are manufactured specifically to provide long and hard-wearing life. These tires have been extensively tested by the manufacturer at all speeds, and on a number of different types of trailers and under varied conditions to ensure you have a safe time towing your pontoon trailer on these pontoon trailer tires.


  • ​Fits 12” rim
  • DOT approved
  • Comes with steel rim


  • ​Pricy

​Trailer Tires for Pontoon Boats Buying Considerations


When considering pontoon trailer tires for your pontoon boat trailer, you will want to consider first and foremost how much your boat and trailer weigh when the boat is on the trailer.

Remember that some of these tires are rated with an individual weight per tire, while most are rated with the entire group of tires being allowed to handle one weight.

Rims and Fit

Make sure the tires will fit the rims on your trailer. There is nothing worse than purchasing the wrong-sized tire and being forced to delay a much-needed trip to the lake or river.

If you are buying tires with a rim already attached, make sure that the rim will fit the axel on your trailer. Don’t force the fit—it isn’t safe to have loose rims on the axel and trying to cram too tight-fitting of a rim on your axel simply won’t work and will cause costly damage to the axel.

Too, check the tread depth. Some tires specify a tread depth. Some don’t. Consider what is recommended by the manufacture of your trailer for the best pontoon trailer tires you should buy.

If a product claims to fit a brand of trailer you own, make sure that your model is included among the models that the tire manufacturer claims the pontoon trailer tire will fit.



Consider whether or not the tire comes with a full or limited warranty, and if that warranty covers road-hazard. If your tires don’t come with a warranty or road-hazard protection, you may wish to consider purchasing a roadside or marine trailer insurance that will cover your pontoon trailer tires in some way.


Selecting pontoon trailer tires is a very important decision. Your safety and the safety and security of both your pontoon boat and the investment you have made in your pontoon boat trailer depend on the quality of your tires.​